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Diagraph PA6000E Print & Apply Labeler

PA6000E printer/applicator with SATO S84ex
PA6000E printer/applicator with SATO S84ex

The system can reliably print and apply labels to the side, top, bottom and corner-wrap of primary product, case and pallet substrate panels.

The PA6000E system controls labels throughout travel with an industrial strength vacuum fan attached to the tamp pad, made possible by an all-electric servo driven actuator. This fully electric system allows manufacturers to save up to 50% on energy costs without compromising on performance.

The  PA6000E’s smart technology detects irregularities in operation through the use of strategically integrated sensors that allow it to print on-demand, track printer and tamp counts, detect cycle errors and broken liners, confirm that the tamp has returned to the home position, anticipate the precise location of the product and track the printer’s status.

All of this is graphically communicated to the operator through an easy to use graphic animated touchscreen while the system is in operation.

Key Features

  • Fully Electric Label Printer/Applicator requiring no compressed air
  • Intelligence through the use of sensors and logic to prevent
    mis-matched labeling sequences and ensure product to label matching
  • Color Touchscreen Display with a simple user control interface
  • Designed for Reliability with a clutch-less liner take-up system,
    low friction surfaces, and no-stick label surfaces
  • Advanced Functionality to accomplish redundant or sequenced
    modes of operation to increase throughput or provide zero downtime
  • Shop Floor Integration to interface system status and control
    to PLC’s, bar code scanner results, and web browser system monitoring
  • To be combined with E-TAMP or E-FASA

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