Allen Coding Systems supply a wide range of consumables for your coding equipment, from ribbon and foil to type and typeholders. If there's something you need but don't see it here then ask as we may well be able to source it for you.

Thermal Transfer Printheads

Thermal transfer printing uses a thin ribbon as the thermal sensitive media, between the printhead and the receiver substrate. Thermal transfer ribbons typically have a lubricating backcoat that allows the ribbon to slide easily over the printhead. This generally extends the abrasion life of printheads, compared to printing on direct thermal paper. The concept is remarkably simple; the printhead is moved across the ribbon and substrate and heat from the printhead passes to the ribbon causing the ink to melt and release onto the substrate. The printhead comprises 300 miniature heating elements per inch of width or 12 per millimetre which are controlled individually and can print hi resolution images as directed by the software.  Allen Coding Systems can supply Thermal Transfer printheads for any Allen coder.
We also supply them FREE with our innovative Annual Consumables Programme. Please contact us for more details.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Our ribbons produce an excellent quality print whether it is a barcode, alphanumeric code or logo.
Use of our foil with our products greatly increases the head life of the units.
Discount structures are available for large users of Thermal Ribbon by placement of an annual contract.  An annual contract not only provides cost savings, but also saves scheduling issues by agreeing delivery dates and volumes to suit production schedules. Ask about our free printhead contracts.

Hot Foil Tape

Allen Universal Hot Foil is a general purpose coding foil which has a wide working band and is recommended for high speed applications and difficult substrates including carton board. It is suitable for large print areas, but can also produce fine detail at a lower temperature.
If you have applications or substrates that are difficult to print on, please send us a sample and we will test it in our sample lab to find the correct solution.

Hot Foil Accessories


This type gets its name from its shape.  The foot resembles the shape of a T.  For 1.5mm & 2mm type pieces the material used is hardened steel, for 3mm and above we supply brass.


Mazak is often described as matchstick.  It has an 0.918" body which is made of brass or hardened steel.  The Mazak body is sized using points (similar to the font sizes on your PC), the character height is measured in mm.
If you are finding difficulty in choosing your type please do not hesitate to call our sales department for advice.

Type Holders

In response to the varied requirements of our wide customer base, Allen Coding have developed two different designs of type holder that easily cater for all your coding and marking requirements.  This gives you the versatility and freedom required to print onto your substrates with guaranteed quality and precision.  Literally any print format can be catered for.
If your requirements demand an unusual print format, we can design and build a special type holder, even combining type holder styles, to meet your exact specification.

Standard typeholders

•    Quality engineered T-Slot, .918 and universal typeholders
•    Flexibility in text layout
•    Ideal for long production runs
•    Engineered to your specifications
•    Brass construction that needs minimal warm-up time

Rotary typeholders

AllenTM has developed a range of high quality rotary type holders for use with the Compact and Super Compact Hot Foil Coders.
The requirements of the food industry have been met by a combined date/price unit whilst pharmaceutical and industrial users are accommodated with numerators which print anything between 14 ~ 23 digits of variable information depending on coder.
The advantage of this system is the ease and speed with which codes can be accurately changed simply by flicking over rotary wheels.

•    Wheels can be engraved to customers requirements
•    Available in either date/price or numerator form
•    Quick change positive location wheels
•    Design ensures perfect character alignment
•    Hardened steel wheels-precision engraved
•    Three styles - numbering, date price, double date price