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DMK Group signs grated cheese with Hitachi UX

At the Edewecht site, the new packaging line for grated cheese works with a High-speed Continuous-Inkjet-Printer by Hitachi.


The Edewecht site, with nearly 600 Employees and 20 apprentices, processes annually around 1.2 Million litres of milk. This corresponds to filling 50,000 tanker trucks. The production program includes whey products, whey concentrates, whey powder, cut cheese and butter. Also located at the site is fabrication that produces 50,000 tons of butter and 117,000 tons of cheese which are then processed into slices, pieces and flakes.


In 2017, the planning of a new grated cheese line was started. Since September 2018, it has been producing around 100 bags of rice cheese per minute.

Because the reliability of Hitachi inkjet printers for product coding have been valued at the Edewecht plant for many years, they have turned to Allen Coding as the official dealer in equipping their new line.

"Only a Hitachi printer was eligible for the marking in the new line, as we have only had good experiences with these so far," says Herr Matthias Säfken, Team Leader Maintenance at the plant in Edewecht.


The specific application requirement was the quick withdrawal of the film in the packaging machine. At Edewecht, tests had highlighted that instead of a standard printer a Hitachi UX High Speed Model had to be used. The UX-D, which is now in use, with a special 55 μm nozzle, prints up to 3.173 characters per second and this means that there are still reserves for an increase in production.

Thanks to its stainless-steel enclosures with spray water protection (IP65 protective class) the printer can be cleaned with steam emitters and industrial cleaning agents, which meets the hygiene requirements of the dairy industry.


The ease of use of the Hitachi printers via the coloured touch display facilitates the operators entering the shelf life date (MHD) and batch number.

The accidental spillage when filling with ink and solvent were prevented by the new bottle system. The long interval between maintenance and the 5-year warranty period speak volumes for the Hitachi models.

Overall, Edewecht is completely satisfied with Hitachi's printers and Allen Coding's service.



The DMK Group has a new packaging line for their grated cheese. They needed a printer, which can print 100 bags of grated cheese per minute. DMK has decided for Hitachi Inkjet printers with a small nozzle size, which was able to meet the specific requirements of the new production line.


About DMK Group


As the largest German dairy cooperative, the DMK Group processes milk into food with around 7,700 employees at more than 20 locations in Germany and the Netherlands.

The product portfolio ranges from cheese, dairy products and ingredients to baby food, ice cream or health products to specialFeedMeans. Brands such as MILRAM or Humana make the company a fixture in its home markets and Selected targetMarkets around the globe.

As the fourth largest supplier of the German Food branch with a turnover of 5.8 billion euros, the DMK Group is one of the European Leading dairy companies.

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