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Dr. Willmar Schwabe uses thermal transfer printer NGT8 from Allen Coding

Dr. Willmar Schwabe is a world-renown pharmaceutical company. For more than 150 years, the group has been developing herbal medicines and is active in phytopharmaceutical research.

Dr. Willmar Schwabe uses the thermal transfer printers from Allen Coding where highest quality and absolute precision are required. Medication blister packs and sample packaging must be identical in shape, color and inscription. These requirements had to be fulfilled absolutely by the new printer solution for the pharmaceutical company.

A new printer solution for the pharmaceutical company

Allen Coding's high-performance printers were already familiar to the company before. Those in charge recently discussed a new printer system in the development department. For years, Allen Coding printers have been labeling drug packages quickly and reliably.
The printing requirements in the research and development department of Dr. Ing. Willmar Schwabe, however, were taller and required a different kind of pressure. Therefore, the thermal transfer printer NGT8e came into question here.


The thermal transfer printer from Allen Coding not only impressed with its sharp print image but was also smaller and less expensive than the previously used printer from another manufacturer.

Thermal transfer printer NGT8e for drug labeling

The thermal transfer printers from Allen Coding come with Dr. med. Willmar Schwabe has since been used in research. In clinical trials, drugs are put through their paces. To ensure an exact and uniform labeling of the drug package, a corresponding printer solution is indispensable.


Dr. Willmar Schwabe faced the challenge of finding this optimal printer solution for himself. There were exact specifications for drug delivery. These goods:

  • An exact labeling of the blister pack at all times,
  • The possibility to print surfaces up to 178x105 mm,
  • To ensure accurate printing directly on aluminum foil
  • brave the heat-sealed PVC cover sheet,
  • Easily reorder printer supplies
  • And more compact and less expensive than the previous model.

The choice fell quickly to the thermal transfer printer NGT8e Allen Coding. This had the advantage that he could be the only one to meet the exact specifications and delivered a sharp and readable result. The German support and the low maintenance intensity were the icing on the cake.

With the help of Allen Coding the perfect printer solution for Dr. med. Willmar Schwabe


However, it was not enough to simply install the thermal transfer printer. After the successful integration of the printers in the existing thermoforming system, the printer quality had to be tested. It required some hurdles to be overcome in close collaboration between Allen Coding and the pharmaceutical company.

The production of the blister packs had to be adapted to the printing of the aluminum foil. After this was done, the sealing of the aluminum foil by means of heat and pressure presented an unexpected challenge. The print quality was initially insufficient.

After testing different ribbons, it was possible to find the one that produced the ideal print quality.