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Allen Coding has just announced the launch of the new Allen XL5000 thermal transfer printer (TTO).

This new printer is a budget-entry level printer and is an ideal workhorse but delivers a thorough-bred performance as it offers ease of installation and maintenance as well as high-speed delivery.

It is ideal for printing barcodes, logos and expiration dates onto such packaging as cartons, blister packs, sachets etc

The Allen XL5000 offers many benefits and features that are found on more expensive competitors.

  • Easy installation
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Flexible Print Options
  • Superior Performance

Easy Installation

The Allen XL5000 is a small and compact sized-machine which means it can work with popular frame sizes.  The system is designed to be easily slotted into place by using existing frames and bracket structures, thus saving on costs.

The set-up procedure is also made easy by the inclusion of the a:touch Lite touch screen which features the a:control software; this enables permission levels to be set, data to be saved and allows up to 10 printers to be configured in a network.

The printer also offers a:design software which allows an extensive range of barcodes, text, graphics to be produced; even complex print images can be designed and transferred to the printer with ease.  It also supports multiple languages.

Simplified Maintenance

Maintenance is an easy task with the Allen XL5000.  Its rugged, industrial-grade stainless steel casing means it can withstand challenging environments.  It is easy to access which means the user does not have to take apart the printer when the machine is serviced.

Efficient ribbon use is also a key feature of the printer; it incorporates ribbon out and ribbon saving mode that can eliminate up to 50% of ribbon wastes, depending on the application.  Extended production time between ribbon changes is also a benefit made possible by the system’s 900 m ribbon capacity.

Allen Coding can also offer an industry-leading two-year warranty and a comprehensive maintenance plan at a flat rate.  Flexible service plans are also available to suit every customer’s need.

Flexible Print Options

The Allen XL5000 has flexibility built into its very heart.  For example, users can easily switch between intermittent and continuous print modes with a simple conversion kit.

It is easy to remain in control with the whole procedure as the a:touchlite screen can be set for several permission levels by the use of passwords,  offering security and peace of mind.  It is also possible to track and record print counts, to monitor production.

Superior Performance

When it comes to a faster performance then the Allen XL5000 is an excellent choice.  The machine’s thermal transfer ribbons have been specifically developed to produce quality images at high speeds.

A wide variety of ribbon colours and finishes are available for food grade, water soluble and UV applications.  All our wax and resin formulas are matched to the composition of a wide variety of materials to produce print images which are scratch-resistant and durable. 

In all, the Allen XL5000 is an affordable option for buyers on a budget who are looking for a TTO which offers durability as well as high-performance features.

The XL5000 is a great workhorse of a printer from Allen Coding, a company which has a long pedigree in the field of printing and marking, supplying machines to the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and other industries.  Flexible service plans are also available to suit every customer’s need.

If you want further details, then please take a look at the XL5000 datasheet here.