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Cost-competitive Allen Coding technology also features reduced maintenance and enhanced flexibility

Allen Coding GmbH announces the launch of the MLi, a unique-in-the-industry multi-head thermal transfer printer providing cost-effective, high-speed multi-lane, multi-line printing of graphics, alphanumerics and barcodes on thermoformed packages.


Featuring up to twelve print heads integrated on one common platform, the MLi-TE prints multiple lanes simultaneously and quickly.  The system was designed to combine industry-leading speed with reduced maintenance and enhanced flexibility compared to alternative technologies at a similar price point.


High-resolution (300 dpi) printing of static and dynamic information such as product identification information, date/lot/batch codes and company logos can be quickly added to packages such as sachets and stick packs for a wide variety of applications including:

                - Food (condiment, sugar, spices, processed meats, cheeses, pouches, candy bars)

                - Beverage (coffee, drink mix)

                - Pharmaceutical (blister packages)

                - Medical (syringes, sutures, IV bags, catheters)


Industry-Leading Speed

The MLi provides bold, indelible print on a variety of substrates at industry-leading speeds. Each print head can print at speeds up to 70 mm/s, with multiple print heads handling multiple lanes simultaneously at this speed. The MLi-TE traversing indexing rates are as much as 40%, 75% and 200% faster than those provided by Traversing continuous inkjet (CIJ), Traversing thermal transfer overprinters(TTO) and Digital Print solutions respectively -- providing industry-leading throughput speeds.


Reduced Maintenance

The MLi is up to 130% less expensive than digital print systems and comparably priced with Traversing CIJ and Traversing TTO technologies but offers significantly reduced maintenance compared to all three alternative technologies.


As a single solution with multiple print heads, the traverse width covered by each individual print head is greatly reduced thereby reducing wear and tear on a printer´s most sensitive component. With a small footprint and protected assembly movement, the MLi decreases the possibility of damage and increases operator safety. Regular maintenance is simplified with ability to service the system from the front side and does not require advanced expertise or training.


The thermal transfer ribbon used by the MLi produces quality print on porous and non-porous substrates alike with a simplified and cleaner single consumable than ink jet based alternatives. Allen Coding has advanced expertise in film chemistry and provides complimentary support in helping users select the optimal film/ribbon material for each unique application further reducing maintenance issues.  The MLi-TE also features a special ribbon-saving mechanism that ensures minimum gaps between prints, resulting in up to a 50% reduction in ribbon waste dependent on application.


Enhanced Flexibility & Ease of Use

Ease of Integration

The MLi´s modular, single-unit, small-footprint design with minimal interface cabling ensures quick and simplified integration into vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines including horizontal flow-wrappers, sachet machines, blister pack machines, four side seal machines and thermoform fill and seal machines. The MLi can be positioned either parallel with or perpendicular to the flow of the packaging film in the host equipment. This positioning versatility helps minimize printer changeover when the host machine changes from one pattern to another.


Ease of Use
The intuitive color touch screen interface of the MLi provides simple, centralized message editing for individual and batch messages across all lanes of print.  All settings (printing formats, print speeds, contrast, ribbon saving commands, and print position) can be programmed and saved in the printer's memory for quick and easy recall in seconds. If a lane configuration change requires print heads be repositioned, this can be accomplished easily in less than two minutes by sliding the heads along the T-slot to their new positions.



The MLi is available with anywhere from two to twelve individual print heads. To accommodate various web widths, 620, 820 and 1020 mm frame options are available. Print areas are up to 56mm wide and 40 or 90 mm in length.