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10 service points

1. Complete solutions

Our experienced technical adviser will find a complete solution for your application, consisting of printing system, soft- ware, assembly material and consumption material.

2. Contact person

Your contact person will compile a schedule for the conversion of your project.

3. Optimum printing results

Have a special carrier material? We will find the suitable ribbons or inks for optimum printing results in our test lab.

4. Individual software solutions

Integrating in to your production process our programmers develop individual software solutions.

5. Integration

Variable assembly frames and printing systems can be integrated into new or already existing production lines.

6. Installation

Installation is done by our experienced assembly team on your schedule.

7. Training

Personalized training for your new Allen equipment and the accompanying soft- ware is available on site.

8. Service contracts

We offer service contracts to provide regular inspection and exchange of wearing parts to keep your products in operation.

9. Repair and servicing

We offer service and repair of your equipment at your location or in house at our location. Loaner printers are available to bridge the time of repair and servicing cycles.

10. Servicing on site

To minimize production shutdown, we offer service of printers on site.


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