Dynamic information marking

Dynamic information marking

Unique Trident piezoelectric printhead

Unique Trident piezoelectric printhead

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Intuitive touch screen

Pablo Blanco – Manager of the White Packaging Company

Pablo Blanco – Manager of the White Packaging Company



When you’re the White Packaging Company, (or Embalajes Blanco) in Spain and you’re the leading manufacturer of pallets, you can expect some pretty tough challenges in your day to day existence.

Such as keeping over 1,000 customers happy, efficiently managing a vast plant of 6 acres and last but not least, coding over 8,000 pallets per day.


The White Packaging Company was using the traditional methods of hot stamps, to mark their pallets – a method that was proving to be old-fashioned, slow and cumbersome.

Hot stamp involves a heated metal die pressed against the pallet and the impression is burnt into the wood. However, this practice has notable disadvantages:

  • It is slow - the pallet marking slows the line down by 7 seconds each time.

  • It is labour-intensive - when the die has to be changed, it must be done manually and the markings are not always perfect.

  • It is potentially dangerous - the combination of wood chips and sawdust make a combustible environment and the use of a heated appliance could cause a fire hazard.


The company needed a modern marking system which would allow printing at quick speed and high quality and enable messages to be changed automatically. The problem was conventional printing systems cannot cope with the challenges of the dusty atmosphere and the vibrations of the line.

Trebol Group, the official Allen Coding distributor in Spain, came up with a radical solution - the installation of the IJ4000, a revolutionary product that provides unique advantages for the marking of pallets.

  • Exceptional durability - Its unique printhead is made from stainless steel and lasts up to 10 years.

  • Industry unique - Double the printing distance as compared to other systems (up to 12 mm)

  • Superior Print - Up to 100 mm print height, which allows large-size prints, perfect for pallets.

  • User-Friendly Maintenance - Self-cleaning system that eliminates wood residues, achieving exceptional print quality.

  • Quicker workflow - Dual printing system allows for simultaneous printing on both sides of the pallet.

The robust, stainless steel construction also means it can cope with the shock and vibrations of the production line.


At first, two IJ4000 machines were installed but because of the outstanding results, another IJ4000 was quickly added. This meant the old stamp making system was completely replaced with a cutting edge solution.

And what improvements did Pablo Blanco, manager of the White Packaging Company find?

  • Significant Savings in Time and Cost
    No cost of stamp stock and replenishment at a cost of €150 per stamp.

  • Time Saving
    Quicker through-put of pallets due to double-sided printing.
    No manual set-up or changing of dies.

  • Increased Quality
    Quality of marking is exceptional.

  • Improved Health and Safety
    Reduced risk of fire and injuries to personnel.

Pablo Blanco, manager of the White Packaging company comments: “We are a family company but willing to innovate when it comes to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. I just needed Trebol Group to give me the confidence that we could achieve satisfaction and frankly we are very satisfied with our investment.”

For further information on the IJ4000 from Allen Coding, please see the brochure - Advantages of Direct Printing on Pallets, on our website.

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