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What is Ink Jet Printing?

There are two different types of Ink Jet Printers: The Continuous Ink Jet Printers (CIJ) and Drop on Demand (DoD) Printers [more]

What is Continuous Ink Jet Printing (CIJ)?

Ink is pressured by a ink supply pump and flow from the ink bottle to the nozzle. [more]

What is Drop on Demand (DoD)?

In the process of DoD the ink drops are only produced when they are needed for printing. [more]

What is thermal transfer printing?

In a thermal transfer printer electrical current passes through resistive elements, configured in a linear array of dots. Each dot is in direct contact with a sensitive media – thermal foil. Heat from the energized dots, release ink form the foil, which is transferred onto the substrate where it cools and anchors to the substrate surface. [more]

What is hot foil printing?

In a hot foil printer a heated type is pressed firmly against the item to be printed, with stamping foil between, for a set time. To produce a high quality, non-smudging, permanent print the three variable factors; pressure, temperature and time, must be accurately controlled.