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Consumables / Wearing Parts - Production Security by Original Parts of Allen Coding

Ink / Solvent for Hitachi CIJ

Using original inks and solvents by Hitachi you will get the best possible print results as well as a maximum system efficiency. Our inks and solvents have been delveloped and evaluated according the the ISO quality standards especially for use with Hitachi InkJet systems.

Overview of Ink for Hitachi CIJ

Ink for IJ4000 Series

[Translate to en:] Tinte Scantrue II für IJ-Serie

SCANTRUE II is a pigmented ink, especially developed for the engine of our IJ4000, which provides high print image results.

The ink offers good stability properties with several weeks open time and up to 18 month shelf life.

It seeps away quickly and reduces EHS risks as it does not contain dangerous substances, mineral oil or harmful solvents.

It is available in black, blue and red.

Cartridges for TJ Series

Our team of specialists is evaluating available ink formulations incessantly to have always the best inks available for your applications.

Beside inks for porous and non-porous materials you’ll find a big range of colours in our portfolio, e.g. BLACK MAMBA is a universal ink printing on all surfaces, does not fade and does not dry in the cartridge.


Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbon by Allen Coding is of high level quality and can be used for many different applications. In combination with our thermal bars they create a perfect print out on your substrate.

Overview of Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Bars

Our thermal bars are especially desinged for the use with our thermal transfer printing systems. Using this comibnation you will get the best print quality together with a maximum life time of the bars.

Hot Foil Ribbon

Hot Foil ribbon by Allen Coding can be used for many different applications. You can use it with high speed printing as well as for slower applications which require lower temperatures.

Overview of Hot Foil Ribbon

Type Holder

Type Holders and Types

Tailor made type holders and types are available on request.