Diagraph IJ4000 Series
Up to 200mm print hight
Print on boxes
Print on boxes
Print on wood (palettes)
Print on wood (palettes)
Print on pulp
Print on pulp
IJ4000 Handheld
Handheld with 10,2'' color display
Digital spirit level
Digital spirit level
Trident print head
Trident print head with with stainless steel nozzle plate

Large character inkjet: Diagraph IJ4000 Series

THE printer for your secondary packaging!

Direct printing on cardboard, wood, paper and other absorbent surfaces


Enhanced printhead technology delivers sharp printouts

  • Up to a line-speed of 90 metres per minute
  • Good barcode scanner recognition
  • Throw distance up to 12mm (6mm for barcodes)
  • Up to 200mm print hight
  • Heavy duty printheads from Trident guarantee reliability and durability

Advanced functions assure clean operation

  • Automatic cleaning system ensures uninterrupted excellent print quality
  • Reinforced retracting rollers assure a consistent distance from the carton and reduce dust
  • Automatic vacuum cycle keeps the printer and your production environment clean

User friendly

  • Small printer size for integration in small spaces
  • Large touch display with integrated keyboard provides complete on-line control
  • Flexible and individual operation of two independent production lines, driving up to four printers

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