Print sample XL Series
Print sample XL Series
Thermal transfer printer 25XLi
Thermal transfer printer 53XL40
Thermal transfer printer 53XL80
Thermal transfer printer 53XLC

XL Series

Good value way to start thermal transfer printing

  • Designed to mark your products all around the world
  • Unicode font printing
  • Controlled via user friendly handheld or PC
  • Able to print a wide variety of information – for example bar codes, text, graphics, realtime and dynamic date coding, counter, formula
  • Magazine capacity of up to 600 meters of ribbon causes minimal down time in your production

    Print Area
  • IM:  32x40 mm (25XLi) to 53x80 mm (53XL80)
  • CM: 53 x 300 mm (53XLC)

    Print Resolution
  • 12 dots/mm (ca. 300 dpi)

    Print Speed
  • IM: max. 400 mm/Sec

    Performance (at 5 mm print height)
  • 250 - 450 Prints per Minute

    Product information
  • Brochure XL Series

    Case study
  • Puratos, bakery ingredients