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In a thermal transfer printer electrical current passes through resistive elements, configured in a linear array of dots. Each dot is in direct contact with a sensitive media – thermal foil. Heat from the energized dots, release ink form the foil, which is transferred onto the substrate where it cools and anchors to the substrate surface.

The thermal foil is a polyester ribbon film coated with a dry thermal transfer ink and is placed between the thermal print head and the label or substrate being printed. Data is loaded into the Print Head for each line of print. As the substrate traverses the print head (or vise versa) data is synchronized to produce a permanent 2-dimensional image.

Thermal Transfer coding delivers a durable high fidelity, high contrast image with minimal waste. As the data is computer generated, the NGT series is able to generate real-time date and batch codes, sequential numbering and up to 25 other variable fields.

The Thermal Transfer Coder NGT is designed to print high quality alpha-numeric, barcodes or graphics onto labels, cards, films etc.

Continuous Mode (CM)
At CM Mode, the Platen is a roller: The substrate is being transported continually. While transporting, the substrate is being printed.  The substrate doesn´t stop.

Intermittent Mode (IM)
At IM Mode, the substrate is being stopped shortly. In this time the thermal bar marks the substrate.